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Bruddahs and Sistahs across the islands and even you Auntie and Uncle, living in Vegas now – we know you gonna drink.

Support your community in the process.

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This site brings you information about the spirits distilled in the 808! Whether you’re a local looking to support your neighbors or a tourist looking for the perfect souvenir, you’re in the right spot to explore all of the boozy options!

Buying local is the way to go!

1. Money! Spending at independent, locally-owned businesses circulates your dollars through the community. The multiplier effect of every dollar spent translates into five dollars reinvested as salaries, taxes, and business purchases in our island economy.

2. Jobs! Independent, locally-owned businesses create jobs for the people that live here. Every $10 million spent at local businesses supports 57 new jobs in our community, whereas that amount only supports 14 jobs at Amazon.

3. Diversity! By showing there is a demand for local products, we will see more of them on our shelves. Sellings more goods that are made here also showcases Hawai’i’s vibrant culture.

4. Sustainability! Now more than ever, we need to pay attention to where our products come from. Our remote location means that imported goods are shipped across the Pacific, using up natural resources and generating pollution along the way. Hawaiians have a special bond with the aina, or the land, ensuring it is respected and protected.

5. Socio-Cultural Tourism! Visitors can use their trips to promote cultural exchange and preserve tradition. With just a little research and determination, your commerce can really help the local community and impact people’s lives. Imagine if the tourists that visit your hometown began visiting the local mom-and-pop diner in your neighborhood rather than the same old chain restaurants?

What an impact it could be!